First Stop, Cairo

Tyler Roth

English 302A

Journal 3: Burroway, try this: pg. 12


She got out of the car. The tightly pulled back pony tail and black blazer looked natural on her. Her strut was steady and even while her steps were long and powerful. She crossed the street without a thought about checking for cars first because her mind was on other things. As she approached the stairs she looked up at the gargoyle perched above her. It was menacing, as if to ward away those who meant harm to its home but today, the gargoyle would not be able to protect this building. No one would be able to protect it.

As she walked through the double doors of the bank, she ran through her plan as she had done countless times before in the previous month. Guards stood at the entrance and she casually smiled and gave one a wink as she moved past them towards the teller windows. That was her strength. She could switch personas as if it was second nature. Once second she was the innocent schoolgirl just looking for a good time and the next she had a knife at your throat and would not hesitate to end your life. The guards followed her tight black leather pants as she approached the teller line. While waiting her turn, she went over the plan one last time and made a last second adjustment after determining that the guard’s were armed.

When it was her turn, the teller she was hoping for politely greeted her, asking what she could do for the woman this afternoon. The woman put her million-dollar smile back on and without a moments notice opened her jacket to reveal an explosive device strapped to her body and said in the coldest tone the teller had ever heard “make a sound and I will end your life.” The teller froze in fear. Looking into the woman’s eyes once was all she needed to know that this statement was the truth. The teller thought about all the action movies she’d seen where a person would heroically save the day by stopping the lunatic trying to rob a bank but not surprisingly, other customers and employees were either too busy or too preoccupied to notice what was happening at the end of the row. The teller nodded frantically and the woman said, “I want you to tell your manager that a personal matter has come up and you need to leave immediately. If you tell him anything else, I will kill everyone. If you do anything other than what I just commanded, I will kill everyone nod if you understand. The teller nodded, did what she was told, and led the woman out into the streets which were almost as busy as the bank itself.

Once outside the woman led the teller to a car and once both were inside she said “I’m sorry it had to be this way but your assistance is required and I couldn’t risk taking no for an answer. The specifics of what we are about to do are not important at this time. However I will tell you that you are the key to stopping the biggest crisis every experienced on this earth. We are going to the airport. Our first stop is Cairo, Egypt.” The bluntness of what this woman was telling her sent the teller into shock and she had no idea the journey she was about to embark on.

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